OrangeHRM 4.0 LDAP Module and Plugin

The latest version of Orange HRM is 4.0 but we have been developing OrangeHRM modules since last four years. We have worked in Orange HRM versions like 3.0,  3.1.1, 3.3.2 and now version 4.0. We have many famous OrangeHRM modules available for download like :

OrangeHRM LDAP integration for implementing LDAP logins in OrangeHRM
OrangeHRM Calendar Improvement for adding calendar interface for leave list
OrangeHRM Performance Attachment to add attachments in employee records
OrangeHRM Performance Review for adding additional documents in Performance review 

All our modules are 100% tested and are well documented. We also provide installation manual for all the modules and you can buy technical support from us if you require ongoing maintenance.
Apart from developing new custom modules in Orange HRM, we also provide migration and maintenance services to our OrangeHRM clients. Like in other softwares, it is always very difficult to find modules & developers for very new version of OrangeHRM. But we have a very experienced team in OrangeHRM that is capable of handling plugin development, server migration, LDAP integration, Calendar improvements and file management in Orangehrm.    

Though we are available to work on-site also but we prefer working remotely. When working remotely, in order to install & configure our OrangeHRM modules at your server, we need below things from you:

1. Access to OrangeHRM portal
2. SSH access to OrangeHRM server
3. FTP access to OrangeHRM server

We do not enjoy working through remote desktop like Team Viewer session or Skype screen share because it is very slow and frustrating. But if you really want us to work through remote desktop sharing then please note that we charge $500 minimum for working via remote session. 

Please feel free to Contact Us if you have any custom requirement in Orange HRM.