Copyright License

All the module listed on the store is the property of Medma and reserves all the rights on those module and their code. Therefore, no one is authorized to re-sell the code, module or modified version of it. All the modules listed on Medma' s store are open source, but there might be some some code encryption to make them more secure. This encrytion does not have any impact on the user friendliness of the module, the end customer can customize the module as per the requirements.

Buyers are allowed to use the extension for single domain only (single domain means single instance of the module, it does not allow multiple sub domains or seperate instances of the module in the same domain; they are allowed to use on their test domain as well with their live production domain), to use for multiple domain you need to buy the module for each domain (or contact us at for extended multi domain license). Support period will be available for 30 days from the date of purchase.

Since the users or buyers are allowed to do any kind of modification as the code is open source and in case the module breaks after the modification, free support may not be available. Any such assistance would be paid.